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Functional medicine practices (sometimes called holistic and integrative) have rapidly grown in America as the wellness trend begins to take root.  My interest was piqued by this balance of eastern and western thinking where your whole body and environment is taken into consideration.  In turn, when I kicked off my wellness practice in earnest I scheduled a functional-based health evaluation with the goal of understanding any damage that I had done to myself in my four decades of life – two of those four lived during a very high pressure corporate career which wasn’t always the most healthy environment for my mind, body and spirit.  With that helpful information, I hoped to establish a baseline of where I should focus my wellness efforts in priority moving forward to achieve a greater level of vitality.  

More specifically, I had read so much online about food allergies, sensitivities, inflammation, etc. and hoped to reduce some of the trial-and-error guesswork and see what was actually applicable to me and how it may have been affecting my overall health and energy.  Luckily, I’ve always been a relatively healthy person never missing a well or sick visit at the appropriate general and specialist doctors, but I had heard a lot of positive reviews for a few functional practices in my local area, so I scoured the reviews, evaluated what felt right for me and gave it a shot. 

After a comprehensive 3-hour preliminary visit with a variety of interesting tests and body scans, the general outcome for me was wellness-focused information that was comforting, empowering, reassuring and inclusive of clear next steps specific to my situation: 

  • Avoid or reduce confirmed allergies and sensitivities
  • Eat clean(er)
  • Remove toxins from daily life
  • Workout with greater frequency and variety
  • Take necessary vitamins and supplements based on measured body chemistry
  • Reduce stress
  • Invest in regular self-care practices
  • Return in a few months to monitor progress and optimize

I share my outcome in full transparency as I’m sure it’s a prescription that would likely benefit plenty of other people even if a visit like this isn’t within your reach or comfort-zone yet.  Leveraged in combination with the rest of my wellness pillars, I’ve experienced a tremendous increase in clarity, energy, health, happiness, renewed spirit and creativity.  It’s my well-intended hope that you will discover your own wellness baseline in efforts to achieve measurable improvement in your mind, body and spirit!

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Disclaimer: “The Well-Intended”, and its associated blog and social media pages are owned and operated by The Well-Intended LLC and does not provide medical advice.  The Well-Intended’s author is not a physician or licensed medical expert.  The content provided shares perspective on a personal wellness journey and healthy lifestyle approach practiced by its owner in order to achieve their own health and happiness.  Please consult your physician for advice and/or guidance regarding specific concerns with your own health, vitamins, supplements, fitness plan and/or anything else health- or wellness-related.

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