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Danielle is Founder of The Well-Intended and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) that specializes in Executive Wellness.  She is passionate about bringing the message of mental and physical wellness to those excited to learn more about how they might make actionable changes in their own life to achieve greater work/life balance, while cultivating greater happiness and sustainability in the process.  Her message is especially helpful and relatable to those in leadership positions within the Marketing and Advertising Industry where she spent the first couple decades of her professional life before making her shift to a career in Wellness Leadership.  If you’d like Danielle to speak to your organization, please contact her at

Below is a list and recap of recent event and media appearances:

Solidarity Hour with ThinqShift, April 6, 2020.  Danielle talked about how wellness is not just about eating kale everyday, or creating separate wellness rooms in your office space. It’s learning how to fill your mind and body with positivity and nourishment through a number of ways. It’s understanding how our gut affects our neurotransmitters and what we put into our system affects our mood.  Listen to the full audio here.

Motivational Corporate Well-Being Presentation & Workshops: EMC Outdoor, Philadelphia, January 27, 2020.  A guest speaker at their annual company meeting, I presented a 90-minute Keynote called “The Well to Win” to help boost their organization to best-in-class status when it comes to professional well-being and personal performance.  This was followed with 2 separate 1-hour workshops with smaller groups to help create the “who, what, when, where, why and how” activation behind what they learned.  You can find testimonials about this event on my LinkedIn post here.

Danielle Reardon, Founder of The Well-Intended

Panel – Publicis Group, Atlanta, November 21, 2019.  A 2-hour panel and open Q&A regarding how employees can develop greater mental fitness, happiness and sustainability in the face of challenging business dynamics and personal life pressures.

Panel – The Drum’s Agency Acceleration Day.  November 14, 2019  at Ogilvy in New York City.  A review of recent research around agency employee satisfaction and discussion around what organizations can do to improve mental wellbeing.

Agency Acceleration Day: November 14, 2019

Panel – The Happiness Hour at Ad Week NYC, September 26, 2019.  Recap here.

Podcast – My Journey from Ad Exec to Wellness Influencer, October 1, 2019. Recap here.

Presentation – “Cultivating Wellness” at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre “Festival of Wellness”, October 5, 2019.  

Alliance Theatre "Festival of Wellness" Featuring The Well-Intended