Hi, I’m Danielle – author of The Well-Intended.  I’m a retired senior advertising executive, wife, mother, former resident of Detroit, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and current Atlantan.  My passion for wellness is rooted in research, education and daily practice in efforts to revitalize my mind, body and spirit from the intense pressures of career, motherhood and life in general.  I hope to inspire others to achieve improved health, happiness and sustainability through a “well-intended” lifestyle.

Reach me via email at danielle@thewellintended.com or at The Well-Intended Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

Disclaimer: This blog, “The Well-Intended”, and its associated social media pages are owned and operated by The Well-Intended LLC and does not provide medical advice.  The Well-Intended’s author is not a physician or licensed medical expert.  I offer perspective on my personal wellness journey and lifestyle that I practice in order to achieve my own health and happiness.  Please consult your physician for advice and/or guidance regarding your health, vitamins, supplements, fitness plan and/or anything else health- or wellness-related.