Would you thrive more with less friction?

Ride Your Wave Rather Than Swim Upstream

I always thought that you had to be a fighter to be successful.  And, sure, there’s something to be said for grit and tenacity when it comes to achievement.  But, what if you trusted more in the natural flow of life – the signs and opportunities that presented themselves to you daily, both big and small – to experience with a little less effort and a lot more receptivity? 

In looking back at my own life to date, it seems so clear to me now that when I said “yes” to the opportunities that crossed my path which clearly aligned with my core values and interests, they were also the ones that generally came to me more easily, naturally and quickly, ultimately guiding me to my most positive outcomes and life milestones.  On the contrary, the decisions that I second-guessed, triple-checked, or resisted too long were the ones that didn’t necessarily pan out as successfully as I would have hoped or maybe reminded me that it wasn’t the right path and I needed to pivot.  Trusting my intuition and embracing presented opportunities with intrigue and excitement rather than fear or anger has generally served me well.

There’s even some small things in life that, perhaps, you could evaluate with a more introspective eye like, is that weekly hangover your body’s way of thanking you or giving you a sign that this isn’t great for you?  Is that consistent lack of sleep healthy, or your body’s way of telling you something needs to change be it your diet, your tech habits, or your lack of self-care and time for mindfulness?  Is that picture of what you thought your life was supposed to look like really the one you have always wanted, or something that someone else told you it was supposed to be without considering your inherent gifts?   

Here are some simple thoughts to consider…

  • Trust your gut – mentally and physically. 
  • Trust your historical wisdom. 
  • Trust the universe. 


  • Be wary of things that make you feel like garbage mentally or physically. 
  • Be wary of opinions with an agenda that isn’t your own.
  • Be mindful of the difference between riding a wave that’s taking you somewhere vs. trying to swim upstream and getting nowhere but exhausted.

It’s not a fool-proof concept, but perhaps more trust in the guideposts that show themselves along your life’s journey will take you to a smoother road called Happiness.

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  1. Very wise words 🙂

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