What’s your life’s work?

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Too often we get caught up in the day-to-day of just getting things done and don’t take stock in the broader layers of experience we’re gaining, values we’re honing, connections we’re making, and passions we’re enjoying, and assessing how that’s fundamentally contributing to our life’s work and legacy.

I spent the last couple decades learning and masting the art of forming a message, properly determining who it’s for, and achieving how to deliver it most effectively.  But, it took time to realize that the experience I had gained wasn’t my final story, but rather just a layer within it.  What you do now may just be a building block of who you are, rather than the definition of it…which I had reversed for many, many years.  Instead, I now believe that how I apply those skills to what’s meaningful to me and how that positively shapes those around me in a ripple effect is what’s ultimately significant to my personal story and life’s work.

What unique skills, talents or passions have you cultivated?  Are you using those to drive meaningful impact as you define it?  How can you devote more enjoyable time and effort in order to do so?  That mental and/or physical journey you may take to answer those questions could bring you to a wonderful place of clarified or refined purpose, renewed energy, and improved happiness…all elements of a life well-intended and well-lived.

How do you nourish your vision?  Can you make even small changes to get closer to it?  Can you expose your vulnerabilities and embrace your fears to enable what’s meant for you to unfold naturally if not by design? 

Perhaps journal every morning before your mind gets away from you and demands get the better of you creating roadblocks to seeing your path more clearly.  Maybe take long walks to clear your mind and allow the right energy to flow mentally and physically.  How about going on a self-care date to a place you enjoy, inspires you, and/or allows you to just be yourself at your own speed?  Can you eat relatively clean and exercise a few times a week to clear any brain fog, enable better sleep, and allow greater receptivity to new ideas?

The process can work.  It has for me.  It took a number of years and small steps to present itself, but the rewards, relief, satisfaction and joy have been worth each small ah-ha moment that led to my path of clarity, purpose, and life’s work. 

And you know what?  Maybe even my current definition of my life’s work isn’t the final answer.  But, I’m now more aware and receptive to all the possibilities of how I can contribute using all my skills and talents in my mission to leave this world a better place with MY life’s work.  What’s yours?

Danielle has a degree IN advertising from Michigan State University (Go Green!) and a degree OF sarcasm in life.  Her perfectly imperfect pursuit of wellness is rooted in the research and practice of wellness in efforts to revitalize her mind, body and spirit after 20 years as an executive in the advertising industry and a hobby of collecting home addresses in Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Atlanta. You can reach her on The Well-Intended social channels or at danielle@thewellintended.com.

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