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The Well-Intended: Are you Mind Full or Mindful?

I grew up with an American Eskimo dog named Dakota that I’m going to admit was only marginally interested in my companionship. But like any off-beat family member we loved him anyway. He lived to 16 1/2, which was about a decade after I had moved out of my parent’s house, but even with time and distance I was still devastated when he passed.

With that context, shortly thereafter insert Chewy. He’s a true mixed-breed that was rescued with his mom and sibling puppies in an alley in Compton, CA that I knew my boyfriend (now husband) and I had to adopt when we saw his impossibly cute, wookie-like face. He would nuzzle into the hole left in my heart from Dakota and I was fortunate to work in a dog-friendly office in LA at the time so my office-mates and I could dote on him endlessly.

Why is this relevant at all to a pursuit of wellness? Well I most certainly consider Chewy, and even Dakota, a big part of my “well-intended” tribe. There are many lessons we can all glean from our dogs if we take some time to pause regularly to listen to them.

Chewy is quite simply the most loving soul put on this planet. When you look into his eyes you see the purity of his unconditional love and simple desire to be part of our pack. His only goal in life is to be steadfast and true. And as an aside, he really loves yoga too – always joining us in our at-home practice where he takes deep breaths when we do which makes us giggle every time.

If we could just carve out a bit of time in our day to be like Chewy: loving, patient and kind; clearing our heads of all the chaotic thoughts and strip them down to the most pure-intended – our collective peace and joy in life would rise exponentially. 

So, here’s a toast to Chewy and all the other pooches out there that give us “paws” for thought in finding a life lived more well-minded and well-intended.

Danielle has a degree IN advertising from Michigan State University (Go Green!) and a degree OF sarcasm in life.  Her perfectly imperfect pursuit of wellness is rooted in the research and practice of wellness in efforts to revitalize her mind, body and spirit after 20 years as an executive in the advertising industry and a hobby of collecting home addresses in Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Atlanta. You can reach her on The Well-Intended social channels or at danielle@thewellintended.com.

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