Stress, Inflammation & Staying Well

In my own path to wellness I have learned a ton about the role of chronic emotional stress (available in spades these day) and how it increases cortisol (your stress hormone), which thereby raises your body’s inflammation, and in turn, influences disease and health.

Here are 3 important references that help put this into context:

  1. Learn more about how stress -> rising cortisol -> increased inflammation and why it matters: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120402162546.htm
  2. Take charge, in part, by eating foods that help fight inflammation (in addition to reducing consumption of those foods that contribute to it): https://doctortaz.com/calm-the-fire-within-foods-that-fight-inflammation/
  3. Finally, and interestingly as it relates to our current fight of COVID-19, read this detailed perspective on the role inflammation is playing on that front and where meditation – another practice that helps reduce inflammation – can play a role: https://www.choprafoundation.org/integrative-interventions-for-covid-19-chopra-library-brief/?fbclid=IwAR3oNC0kSiFl9c61kSXvlmdI3twZQVXLnGrc6ziqkgXxvRhmYX0IUj9OIGg

The greatest change I made in my own health, as guided by my integrative physician a number of years ago, was making a concerted effort to reduce my stress levels and, therefore, associated inflammation markers as a way to take charge of my health,  happiness and longevity.  In day-to-day terms it meant doing the following:

  1. Making meaningful changes in my diet
  2. Committing to regular exercise
  3. Devoting time to self-care and meditation
  4. Reconsidering my previous high-stress career path in the name of my health
  5. Evaluating my approach and practice of spirituality
  6. Focusing on positive relationships and reducing negative emotional influences

We are at a time in our life’s journey and human history, in fact, where we are reevaluating our priorities and daily lifestyle.  As such, there is no better time than now to make the commitment to yourself, your family, and your future to invest in your health and quality of life.  After all, we are learning very quickly how fragile life can be, and how maximizing our time here on earth should come above all else.

Be well.

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Danielle is Founder of The Well-Intended® and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach that specializes in Executive Wellness.  As a former Senior Executive in the Marketing and Advertising Industry, she’s passionate about improving employees’ quality of life through improved mental and physical well-being and knows first-hand how great an impact it can have both personally and professionally.  If you’d like to learn more about how The Well-Intended can help your organization – be it an inspirational speech, engaging workshop, or one-on-one leadership coaching – please email danielle@thewellintended.com.


Disclaimer: “The Well-Intended”, and its associated blog and social media pages are owned and operated by The Well-Intended LLC and does not provide medical advice.  The Well-Intended’s author is not a physician or licensed medical expert.  The content provided shares perspective on a personal wellness journey and healthy lifestyle approach practiced by its owner in order to achieve their own health and happiness.  Please consult your physician for advice and/or guidance regarding specific concerns with your own health, vitamins, supplements, fitness plan and/or anything else health- or wellness-related.

Danielle has a degree IN advertising from Michigan State University (Go Green!) and a degree OF sarcasm in life.  Her perfectly imperfect pursuit of wellness is rooted in the research and practice of wellness in efforts to revitalize her mind, body and spirit after 20 years as an executive in the advertising industry and a hobby of collecting home addresses in Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Atlanta. You can reach her on The Well-Intended social channels or at danielle@thewellintended.com.

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