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The Good Stuff: A Quick Shopping Guide of “Well-Regarded” Items for a “Well-Intended” Home

The Well-intended, Well-Regarded Home Shopping Guide

A clean and healthy home is part of a wellness-based lifestyle and while that is generally an inexpensive endeavor, this is admittedly a fairly spendy post – but to me, feeling good is priceless.  As such, I wanted to share some of my favorite wellness-enabling lifestyle products that have helped me clean up my home by detoxing, fostering cleaner eating, resting better, working out more effectively, and tracking my progress.  I have bought these things over time and budget-availability, so no need to break the bank in one fell swoop.  None of these items are requirements for wellness, of course, but I hope you’ll find that they bring you the feeling of living an incrementally cleaner and healthier life.

Important note: I don’t sell any of these things and I’m not paid to endorse them.  I honestly just use and like ‘em!  You’ll even find a deal or two from my referral links included below.  Click on the bold item name to hyperlink to a direct buying option.

Budget category labels in my estimation: Spendy (S), Relatively Affordable (RA), Inexpensive (I).

What’s in my bedroom and why do I like it?

  • Austin Air Purifier (S).  I’ve tried a lot of air purifying machines at varying costs to reduce contaminants, allergens (ex/ pet dander – relevant to me), odors, gases and chemicals that sneak into your home in a variety of ways, but this one has worked the best for me (I have the Healthmate model).  I put it on high during the day with my bedroom door closed, then love walking into a totally fresh and healthy room at the end of the day to have a restful night sleep (at which point I turn it down for some nice white noise.)  If you use this link, my Austin representative, Heather Welsh, will give you a special promotion: 10% off the first purchase and 15% off all additional purchases.  She also offers a free 15 minute clean air consultation to help you determine how to help your family breathe easier!  Just click the button on her site to schedule.
  • Boll & Branch (S). These sheets and blankets are comfy, organic cotton, and arrive in quite lovely packaging. After trying plenty of other organic sheets that fell flat for me, I adore my Boll & Branch items.

What’s in my kitchen and why do I like it?

  • NutriBullet (RA). There are a few different smoothie makers out there, but I really like the bang-for-the-buck I get with my NutriBullet for the daily purposes of making smoothies and occasionally almond milk.  It’s a quick-to-use and easy-to-clean solution for a nutrient-packed meal in a pinch.
  • Nut Milk Bags (I).  Making almond milk at home is SO easy and this mesh bag to strain it is a necessity.  I’m not partial to any particular brand, but the one I have linked to looked pretty good.  Find my almond milk recipe here.
  • Glass Storage Containers (RA). Stop storing your food in plastic, chemical-laden containers.  Yuck!  It’s time to switch to glass. 
  • Reusable Water Bottles – Hydro Flask (S). While glass is my preferred go-to drink receptacle, I have to say, these Hydro Flask water bottles are great for getting banged around on-the-go. They really do keep water cold even when I’ve accidentally left it in a hot car (which isn’t recommended). 
  • Ball Mason Jars (I).  Like your grandma likely did, I always have a stock of Ball mason jars in my house for a variety of uses: storage of homemade almond milk, smoothies on the go, chia pudding, overnight oats…ok, and maybe a cocktail now and again.  I just love ‘em.
  • Crock-Pot (I). I love my old-school, set-it-and-forget-it Crock-Pot.  I’ve bought other more-expensive, fancy brands, but I have to say, this one gets it done best for me for a variety of healthy cooking uses. 
  • All-Clad Pans (S). As it relates to non-stick cookware, just say no.  I use All-Clad Stainless Steel pans for the bulk of my cooking and they have stood the test of time.

What’s in my storage closet and why do I like it?

  • Cordless Dyson Vacuum (S). If you have a pet or a kid, the Cordless Dyson Vacuum with HEPA filtration is indispensable in keeping your house as clean as possible.  Daily fuzz-balls be gone!
  • Seventh Generation Products (I). There are so many healthy cleaning products out there, but my personal preference are the Seventh Generation Free & Clear products for dish soap, hand soap, laundry detergent, etc.
  • Essential Oils (RA).  Essential oils have been used across the world for millennia, and are certainly en vogue again for all sorts of uses and treatments.  I prefer to buy ones that are pure and organic.  Here are 2 of my favorites:

What’s in my bathroom and why do I like it?

  • Honest Brand Products (I). When it comes to my daughter’s products, I’ve stuck with Honest over the years. I like their shampoo and conditioner a lot, in particular.
  • Beautycounter (RA). After working on beauty advertising for a number of years, I’m super picky about my cosmetics and very sensitive to a lot of brands. But, I’ve been really happy with everything I’ve tried at Beautycounter for look, feel and the assurance of safer products overall. I’ve embedded the online shopping link to my personal contact (and friend) with Beautycounter so shop away.

What’s in my home gym and why do I like it?

  • Peloton (S). There is a cult-like following to Peloton and I’m happy to say that I got in early. No more schlepping in the rain or snow to the gym.  No more lost time with my daughter – sometimes she sits there right with me. Kick ass workouts that will hook you immediately.  It’s more than cycling now with strength, yoga, bootcamp, etc. within the app, and plenty of Facebook sub-groups to find your best tribe of people for ongoing motivation (I happen to be in the #fitfab40s).  It’s definitely worth the investment. Feel free to use my referral code if I’m still within my allowed 12 referrals per year: 9M9XSW.  You’ll get $100 towards accessories at purchase.*
  • Jade Yoga Mat (RA). This is my favorite yoga mat for cushion, grip and no synthetic plastics.
  • Yoga Blocks (I). The obvious mate to your yoga mat.
  • Foam Roller (I). Get the kinks out after a hard workout.
  • Bosu Balance Trainer (RA). I love my “Bosu Balance Trainer” for a variety of at-home workout uses.
  • Free Weights (I).  Build muscle at home with a variety of free weights – choose a brand and size based on your own preference and ability.
  • Apple Watch (S). There are a number of fitness trackers out there and a lot of people have strong feelings about one over the other.  Shop around and choose which fitness tracker makes the most sense for your needs and lifestyle, but for me, Apple Watch is where it’s at especially for the simple reminder to stop and breathe!

Happy shopping for these Well-Regarded items for a more Well-Intended home!

*Peloton referral program details and/or limitations: https://support.onepeloton.com/hc/en-us/articles/204445185-Refer-a-friend

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