The “Well” to Win

Cultivating the “Well” to Win: Corporate Well-Being Renewal Programs

As busy professionals, we live in a world where the pace and pressures of business have often exceeded the capacity of our current human physiology.  Red flags present most evidently as we advance to the higher ranks of the organization where demands and expectation increase exponentially and you notice a difference between positive stress, normal stress, and unfortunately…distress.  Exhaustion, frustration, insomnia, growing waistlines, health challenges, and general unhappiness are rising at an alarming rate. 

In fact, 100% of busy professionals report that improving their quality of life and avoiding burnout is a priority.  And, 83% would like resources offered at work in order to achieve it.*  This powerful and compelling evidence illuminates the urgent need for organizations to offer thought leadership and tangible solutions to enable their employees to work towards achieving a greater quality of life.  Healthier, happier business leaders can create a positive ripple effect to the whole organization manifesting in improved business performance, employee sustainability and overall satisfaction.

The Well-Intended offers a variety of approaches to an actionable, customizable and facilitated Renewal Program for your organization.  The techniques and tools presented in the program can also enable organizations to create their own unique department or playbook devoted to the ongoing development, support, and growth of their employees’ mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are our current program approaches that we can discuss and/or customize for your organization:

OPTION 1: Leadership Well-Being Renewal Program

The Leadership Renewal Program focuses on personal Executive Wellness Coaching and tools for your company’s leaders to explore their full potential in their work and personal life.  We have found that positive, organization-wide change begins at the top, so this is why we recommend we begin with your chief organizational influencers.  This program will also offer opportunities for the wellness discussion to extend to the entire organization.  This “MAP” for your company’s leaders will direct them to discover:

Motivation – an understanding of the elements and influences affecting employee’s overall quality of life in consideration of the demands and restrictions of the frenetic business world they live and work in.

Action – personal 1:1 sessions 2 times per month over 3-6 months for targeted high-performing leaders and/or group workshops to put desired change in action.

Practice – ongoing check-ins, support and wellness coaching during the most critical time of evolution – the first 1 to 6 months – to drive accountability and measurable results.

Within this program, we can provide an organization-wide presentation, lunch-and-learn and/or webinar at no additional cost to bring awareness of proper executive wellness to your whole company.  A detailed scope of deliverables and scheduled checkpoints will be provided within the formal proposal upon request.

Approximate Price & Duration (negotiable based on customized program design): Please contact for pricing.  Program can be crafted as a discounted 6 month program with a 2 employee minimum, or a 3 month full-price program with a 2 employee minimum and option to extend.

OPTION 2: Company Well-Being Renewal Day

Kick off a company-wide commitment to better performance through key health, wellness and positive communication techniques via panels, engaging and interactive presentations, and optional breakout sessions to continue the discussion amongst smaller groups or “organizational tribes” to boost dialogue and group accountability partnership.  These sessions work great at annual meetings, client summits, or as a special feature during critical motivation periods of your fiscal year where positive energy and emotional boosts are critical to your business. 

Panel Discussion and/or Presentation

Includes a 1-2 hour live thought leadership panel with Danielle of The Well-Intended or a slide-based presentation given by The Well-Intended for an audience of any size.  This presentation typically covers how to effectively cultivate wellness in a corporate environment.  This can be tailored to any specific needs or sensitivities within the organization that need to be touched-upon.  It is suggested that organizational leadership attend this presentation or panel as well for greatest adoption of practices and successful outcomes.

Price: Please contact for pricing.

Small Group Workshop Sessions & Accountability Partnerships

Typically following the main-stage panel or presentation, small group (up to 10-12 people) breakout sessions are facilitated by The Well-Intended help address follow-up questions that attendees may feel less comfortable asking in the large presentation environment, and/or opportunities to drill deeper into specific areas of need.  These groups can also become accountability partnerships/teams to keep leaders, specific departments, or like-minded employees motivated to continue their wellness practices and measure results.

Price: Please contact for pricing.

OPTION 3: Remote Well-Being Renewal Webinar

An “appetizer” approach to the wellness discussion in your organization can also be handled with a live 30-60 minute webinar with up to 100 attendees to introduce the basics of wellness to your organization. 

Price: Please contact for pricing on this 30-60 minute session, up to 100 attendees.

Summary & Next Steps

What you pay attention to grows.  Let’s work together to cultivate the “well” to win in your organization with helpful knowledge and tools geared towards improved mental and physical wellbeing so your employees they might experience this dynamic process of positive change and growth.

Let’s discuss your organization’s current needs and how we can craft your custom program to drive results!  Please contact Danielle at or 310-429-0970.

*Anonymous respondents sourced from an online survey conducted by The Well-Intended LLC October 2019